Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pre-natal Visit with Dr. Trumbull

We had our pre-natal visit with our pediatrician, Dr. Trumbull last Friday. We both really like him and I think that he will help James and me along the way as new parents. It is important to find someone who you can trust with your most precious gift. One decision down....25 million to go!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Evan!

We went back to see Dr. Ashurst on Friday and he said that Evan's heartbeat sounded great. We (ok, I) had a lot of questions to ask this time. I guess since the great date is drawing closer I just want to make sure that we are as prepared as we can be. Dr. Ashurst sees no reason why I should not be able to work up to the delivery-which is only about 11 weeks away!!!!
Evan's room is painted and his daddy has done a beautiful job of putting his bed and bookshelf together. As soon as it is complete, I will post pictures. Pete can already tell that change is about to hit hard. He will go to Evan's door and then just go back and forth between me in the living room and the nursery. He seems a little sad already. Last night he went missing for a little while and when I went to look for him, he was in Evan's room on the floor sleeping. It was so sweet. I hope he will not be too jealous, but a protective "big brother!"
We can not thank each of you enough for the prayers that you have sent on our behalf throughout this pregnancy. They have been felt and are very much appreciated. Please continue to pray that the remainder weeks will remain seizure free and that Evan will continue to grow and develop as he should.
We love each of you!
James & Heather
(Pete, too)