Monday, March 18, 2013

Never A Dull Moment!

Life is never dull around the Talley household! We are just getting used to the idea of my Mom having cancer and all that comes with chemotherapy and then we find out we are expecting baby #2!! I, of course, am hoping for pink and James says no way! Lots of family and friends are wishful for twins and James just thinks that is cruel! We shall have what the Lord thinks is best for our family. I am excited and can't wait to see just what that is.

Let's get back to the whole cancer thing. Mom found a lump in her right breast back in early January that she knew just felt different than any others before. Let me interject here how important self-checks really are! Her mammogram in November was clear, so if she had waited until time for another, it would have been a whole year. By that time, her prognosis may not have been good. After discovering the lump and a couple of appointments, it was decided that the lump needed to be removed. She went for the lumpectomy and it was determined that it was cancer. Talk about a punch in the gut! I can't imagine how she must have felt to hear the words because I know it made me want to throw up!

Prognosis is good for Mama. It was caught very early (stage 1) and with few treatments, the dr's feel as though she will make a full recovery and never have to deal with this again! PTL! She has recovered nicely from the lumpectomy and the port placement. Today she told me that she really does not even notice the port anymore.

On the Tuesday before Mom's first (she will have 6 total followed by 35 radiation treatments) chemo treatment, I found out that we are expecting our second baby! What excitement filled my heart and I knew would bring Mama much needed joy to endure this summer. Something fun to look forward to! Who doesn't get excited about a new baby?! Oh, yeah, Evan is who does not get excited....that's who!

We decided to tell Evan just before telling my side of the family and let him share the good new with everyone. I had a Big Brother shirt made for him to wear to "spill the beans." When James told him, and I showed him his shirt, he fell back on the bed and began to cry hysterically. He told us that he did not want this to please remember back just a couple of months ago I shared with you him telling Santa that he wanted "two baby sisters at one time!" Yes, this is the same child! James reminded him of his request and he promptly answered, "I was only kidding."

Since that day, he has come around and is willing talk to you about the baby if you talk about it in terms of it being a girl. If God blesses us with another boy I am not sure what we are gonna do! Maybe he will get the kitten that his heart truly desires!! :)

While pregnant with Evan I did not have any sickness and really felt good all of the time, but things have been a little different this time around. I have not "lost my lunch" at all, but the feeling that I could blow at any moment comes and sticks around most all day. My energy level is not what it used to be, but I have heard that all of this means the pregnancy is normal.

I am anxious for our first appointment and announcement of our official due date. According to the Internet, we should be looking at early November. We will see what Dr. Ashurst has to say!

A few prayer requests:
Mom mentioned today that she has some sores on her head. Please be in prayer that these will heal quickly. She also talked about her mouth feeling like it is on fire and her digestive tract has been affected by the chemo. These are all normal side effects, but uncomfortable nonetheless.
This pregnancy. My pseudotumor side effects are triggered by weight gain and we all know that weight gain comes with pregnancy, so please join us in prayer that these side effects will remain at bay and that the pregnancy will be a healthy one.
I am taking medication for my epilepsy, so please pray that this medication will not harm the growth and development of our tiniest blessing as it grows in the months to come. I (and James) will feel much better when we can look at the screen and see our little one and know that all is well!

Until Next Time...