Friday, May 25, 2012

One Happy Girl!

Man! What a great day we had yesterday!!!!

I caught myself rather emotional in the car on the way to Birmingham for my check-up visit with Dr. Vaphiadies. My mind was all over the place and there was a huge knot in my stomach. As tears filled my eyes (don't ask me why this was happening), I closed them and began to talk to Jesus. I needed that 3 minute talk, just Him and me and it was as though nothing else in the world mattered. Ever had one of those moments, when you knew the radio was on, but there were no sounds all around? Just your own voice crying out to the Lord? Well, that was me! It is probably a good thing I was talking (praying) quietly, James would have thought I was crazy. Even though I knew there was no reason to feel anxious, I couldn't help but be.

We got to the appointment on time and waited for them to call me back. I knew the scales would be our first stop. I knew according to my scales at home I had lost more weight, but you know those doctor's scales are never the same as ours at home. I stepped on (not before sliding off my shoes, you women know that every ounce counts! haha) and sure enough! I had lost 6 more pounds since my last visit. She even commented, "He is going to be proud of that!"

We were escorted to another waiting area and then to the room where we waited for what seemed like forever on Dr. V. He came in, looked at the weight loss and then looked at me and smiled! YAY! A smile!! He commented on the weight loss (even took a moment to tell me that I look thinner--what girl doesn't like to hear that!!) and began to ask if I have had any trouble. He went through my medication list and then moved on to my eye exam. I began to pray...

He looked at my right eye and said that it looked good. He moved over to the left eye and said, "This is great! There is NO swelling of the optic nerves. They are normal!!" Did you hear that, NORMAL, my optic nerves are NORMAL!!!! God is so good. This was something that I have longed to hear since October. Finally, they appear as they should! Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers!

He scooted back and looked at me and smiled once again. He then asked if I wanted to come off of my medication. Heck yes!! He agreed we could try going without the Diamox, but stay on the 10 mg migraine pill each night. He wants me to continue with the weight loss and he will do another field vision test is 14 weeks (in September). He told us that he was so proud to have a success story to share with the other physicians and clients. What a happy girl I am! A success story!! Back in October, we were not sure what we were facing and now I am a success story! Praise the Lord!

As I have mentioned before, I feel as though God placed me with these staff members and this physician for a reason. He has looked after me and I know has my best at heart. He truly cares for his patients and I am so thankful I am one of those. I am still not really sure why God saw fit to place pseudotumor cerebri in my path, but I do know that I have learned a lot in the past few months. I have learned about my strength. I am a lot stronger of a person than I ever dreamed I was. I have learned that my faith in Jesus is strong-could it be even stronger, yes, but I KNOW that I can handle whatever comes my way with Him guiding my path. I have learned what an amazing husband I have. Now, I have always known how lucky I am to have him, but since October, his "for better or worse, in sickness and health" has really been put to the test and boy has he exceeded all expectations. I have learned that no matter how old you are, your parents are your parents and their concern for you continues to grow. They hurt when you hurt and worry even in times when you don't. I have learned how fortunate I am to have such loving friends and church family. I COULD NOT have made it through without the prayers and support from all of you. The kind words, cards in the mail, sweet emails, facebook comments, or simply asking about me when you see my family. They have all been cherrished. My life is greater for having you all be part of it. Most importantly, I have learned that prayer can touch and heal places you didn't even know were broken. Time with the Lord is so important and having others petition for you is so important. Where two or more are gathered, that is where HE will be. So, thank you for continuing to lift me and my family up in your prayers. They have not gone unnoticed.

Prayer Requests:
1) Please continue to pray for healthy food choices. My taste buds should return to normal, so please pray that I am able to have self control and stay away from the things that are bad for me (i.e. Mt. Dew--Jenn, just continue to tell me how bad they taste!!).
2) Please pray that James and I will know without a doubt when the Lord plans for us to expand our family. I know that as badly as I want another baby, my health must come first. We need to wait to see how my body will respond without the meds before we move forward with having another child.
3) Please join me in praying that when September comes, more weight will be gone and the field vision test will be passed with flying colors. I want to continue to be one of Dr. V's "success stories."
4) Please pray that God will lead me to others that I may share with them how He has worked in my life. May my life always be a testimony to how great He is. I am nothing without Him.

Until next time...