Friday, July 22, 2011

The Love of My Life!

Evan LOVES to go to "Miss Amy's" and play with his friends every day. It rained a good bit this week, so they had to find ways to keep everyone busy and happy, so shaving cream it is!! Now, Evan is not one that likes to be extremely dirty, all of the he was not too sure about it this time, but it looks like he had a great time once he finally "dug in!"

The face that makes my heart flutter!

I can't help but wonder if he really knows how much he is loved?!

That's my baby boy!!

Evan brings our family so much joy-his laugh is contagious! It is hard to have a bad day when you get to love on this little man. I love to sit and watch him with James. Their relationship has really blossomed over the past year and I guess some of that is due to Evan's growing older and being able to communicate better with us. Who knew a little one would make your heart so full?! I guess all I had to do was ask any Mommy!!

I find myself riding in the car without the radio on a lot here lately. My thoughts are filled with (1) things that need to be done, but (2) and most importantly, the way(s) my life is blessed. God has given me wonderful parents and a great family, an amazing husband (who here lately has decided to spoil me), a beautiful son, fantastic friends, an awesome job (that I actually like going to each day), the chance to explore photography (which I love) and of course, His son!! My heart is so full!

The Lord has really used our Sunday school class over the past several weeks to speak to my heart and open my eyes. I find myself really thinking (throughout the week) about the things we discuss in class. Our Sunday school teacher asked us last week "Why as Christian's is God's love not enough?" WOW! That will make you stop and think!! Would you or are you ready to give up everything material, to prove that God's love is enough? Is that really what He calls us to do? "Jesus loves me this I know..." Do I show Him how I love him so?? All I really want is for the Lord to be pleased with the life that I lead. I want my friends to know that when they come to me, we WILL go before the Lord together with the issues at hand. I want my family to be proud of the God-fearing woman they raised and I want my Lord to be pleased with His servant. This is my daily prayer!

So, it seems that this blog may have taken more of a serious turn...I hope you don't mind hearing the things heavy on my heart. I guess it just helps to process by writing it all down. Have a great week filled with many blessings!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long Time, No Post!

I did not realize how long it had been since my last post! SO much has happened over the past year!!

Updates on Evan:
Evan has grown so much over the past year. He has learned so much and teaches James and me something new every single day!! He is staying with "Miss Amy" while James and I work and he has loved every minute! He has made such great little friends. They seem to have a lot of fun every day. At Evan's two year appointment, he weighed 31 pounds--a growing boy! We are quickly approaching his third birthday and I can not believe it! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were planning to bring this sweet little thing home and now he is FILLED with his own opinions! We are getting together an alligator party this year...this should be eventful! Do you know how difficult it is to find alligator stuff??? Anyway, Evan is doing great and looking forward to being 3---but am I??

James and Me:
We are doing great! Work is going well for both of us and we stay busy with church activities. We are currently looking for land or a bigger house. We would love to expand the Talley family, however that is just not possible in our current home!! We need another bedroom! It makes me a little sad to think about leaving this house, we have put so much into it! We picked out colors, the floor plan, and James built an amazing fence! Not to mention our pond in the backyard! If only there was room to add on!
I turned 29 this year and along came gray hairs! I really thought I would be ok with it, but boy was I wrong! I made myself an appointment, got a new hair-do and some highlights! Thanks Mary!!
I started a photography business this past March, Touch of Talley Photography, and it is going well. I love every session and it makes me smile to capture sweet moments for families. I am so thankful God has provided this opportunity.

'Ole Pete is still with us and is finding new ways to put up with Evan every day. They really do get a long long as he does what Evan wants!! haha We do love our Pete!

There is so much more I could say, but I guess this will do for now! I vow to update more. I see a change coming for our blog...MY BLESSINGS ARE MANY...MY HEART IS FULL!!