Monday, October 14, 2013

It's been TOO long!

It has been way too long since my last blog. So much has happened!

First, we have picked a name for our sweet little miss. Her name will be Emellia Reagan and she is scheduled to make her grand arrival on Friday, November 1. We are so excited to meet her and introduce her to our family and friends. It seems as though this pregnancy has gone by so quickly....most days! :)

Mama has completed her treatments for breast cancer...both chemotherapy and radiation. This is such a blessing! She is bouncing back and getting stronger a little more and more each and every day. Her hair has started to grow back--which I know she is thankful for. She continues to take her Herceptin treatment once every three weeks, but this is nothing compared to the weekly chemotherapy she was on. We are praising God for bringing our Mama and family through the past year. He has held her in His hand and guided her each step of the way. We are so thankful for her physicians and nurses and for the care that they have provided. Now, on to the good stuff!

Evan has started school and is loving it. His teacher, Mrs. Ellis, is truly a blessing. She gives him a hug each day and makes him feel just as special as he is! She has 3 boys of her own (all of which are grown now) so she knows how to handle 110% boy! He is doing well with his studies and is making new friends. He seems to be pretty well rounded, which is all we can ask. He loves Jesus and wants everyone he knows to know about Him. That makes this Mama proud! His smile is contagious and his laughter is inviting. He brings a smile to my heart with just a simple glance, tug of my hand or hug around my neck.

We have gone on his first field trip--complete with his first ride on a yellow school bus. He thought it was great...but HOT! He tickles me. The pumpkin patch is always a lot of fun, but it was especially fun to see him enjoy it with his new found friends.

I am excited for him to meet Emie for the first time, but yet a little nervous at the same time. He has been our world for the past 5 years, and not that that will change, but it will be a little different. I know she is going to love him!

Pink eye invaded out home for 2 weeks and let me just tell you it was NO fun! One week Evan had it in both eyes (the joys of starting school and sharing EVERYTHING!) and then the following week, I had it. I am still wearing my glasses and have just now started wearing eye make-up again. I have felt so "undone" without my eyes made up! lol I think we are on the mend! Now, if we can just keep James from having it. For those of you who know him, this will come as no surprise...he has gone behind both Evan and me with Lysol wipes, cleaning everything and putting sanitizer in our hands every chance he has. We jokingly call him Mr. Clean, but I am sure this is how he will stay germ (and pink eye) free. God love him!

I met with Dr. V for the last time before Emie makes her arrival and he was pleased with our visit. He was impressed that I had made it this far in the pregnancy, still working and with very few problems. I am coming off of the Diamox this Friday, so I ask that you join me in prayer that everything goes well over the following 2 weeks and that optic nerves will remain normal in size. Friday, he said that they looked perfect and that he felt very comfortable with me coming off the meds this week. This will give us two weeks to clean my system of the meds so that breast feeding is an option. As long as I can stay off of the meds, I can breast feed. This is very important to me. I want what is best for our little girl, but I also understand that I have to take care of me too. I am doing no one any good if I am sick. God has this and that I am sure of!

I have a couple of prayer requests:
1. Please pray for Evan. Pray that God will prepare his heart to love his sister and know that we love him--that that love is only gonna grow as he steps into his new role and the big brother.

2. Please pray for James as we prepare our home for this new addition. Pray that his heart will be ready to be filled with even more love than he has ever known as he meets his daughter for the very first time.

3. Please pray for James and me as a couple and as parents. That we will grow stronger together as we add another special gift to our clan. That we are able to balance 2 children and that we continue to keep Christ the center of our marriage, family and home. That we will make Him proud in the decisions that are made when it comes to the treasures that He has entrusted in our hands. We know that they belong to Him, that He is giving them to us but for only a short time to love on, care for and disciple.

4. Please pray for me this Friday as this will be my first day off of the Diamox in some time. Please join me in praying that my optic nerves will remain normal in size and that side effects will remain at bay so that breast feeding will be an option.

Until next time...