Friday, April 19, 2013


We have had two appointments to see Dr. Ashurst since finding out Evan is gonna be a big brother. Our first appointment brought an untrasound, which was so much fun. The baby's little heartbeat was so busy, just a pumping away. The second visit brought the chance to hear it's heartbeat. What a true miracle! The heartbeat was steady and strong and came in at a whopping 160. Now, he says that all baby's heartbeats will be around this at this point, but I think that sounds like a girl to me! :) A girl can wish, can't she?!

I am feeling nauseous most days and have been sick at least 2-3 days out of the week. Zofran is a friend and stays with me at all times. I have never had sickness that it did not matter if I had eaten or not nor do the kinds of foods matter. When it hits, it hits and boy is it the pits!

Evan still has NO desire to talk or think about a new baby. All he has on his brain in a new kitten. I sure hope he mellows out before November, or he is gonna be on sad little fella!

Mama is continuing to do well. Her taste buds are not working just right, so nothing really tastes good, but she is hanging in there. Her weight has been down, then back up, then down again, but for the most part, it is staying balanced. She eats cause she needs to, not because it tastes good!

I go to see my neurologist at Kirklin next Tuesday, just for a check up.

That is all for now.

Until next time...