Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Almost June! Whew!

I can not believe how quickly this year is flying by. Before I know it, I will be sending my baby to Kindergarten!! Evan's last day at Mrs. Amy's "school" was last Friday, and yes I cried when I dropped him off. What can I say? I am a sap!

James and I took Evan and our cousin Maci to the Birmingham Zoo yesterday and what fun we had. The zoo there is great! So much to see and do. We left Centreville around 8:15 am and returned around 4:45 pm! Talk about a full day!! Needless to say, we had two sleepy heads in our back seat on the way home! I treasure times like this that we are able to share together. Our little man is growing so fast and I know there is coming a day when we will begin him to want to stay home and spend time with us, not to mention our littlest one will be here before we know! Life as a family of 3 will be no more!!

Speaking of the baby, our last appointment went well. We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat (beating strong at 153) and Dr. Ashurst was pleased with everything. I had only gained 1 pound, which made this Mama very happy! We will return on Tuesday, June 11, to find out if we will be bouncing in blue or pretty in pink!!

Things continue to go well with me medically. All of my doctors are pleased with the reports so far and are planning to keep a close eye on me as this baby continues to grow. There has been no need for medicine changes or treatment changes thus far. PTL!!

Mama continues to push along through her treatments. I wish I could report that energy levels and such have remained steadfast, but not so much. She is finding herself more and more tired and the more tired she becomes, the more frustrated she is. I keep trying to remind her that this is only temporary and that this is not forever. Keeping a positive mindset is so important! I keep trying to push the positive, all the while feeling more and more terrible that I am pushing and pushing her. I hope I am not coming across as insensitive, I know this is hard, but she has to keep going. Pushing through the hard days is what is going to make the end of all this all the sweeter. I know that is what she would do if the tables were turned.

We continue to press forward, looking to a busy summer filled with VBS, swim lessons and a beach vacation, not to mention room decor changes, cleaning out the baby's room and building a shed to house my photography stuff (have I mentioned that my business is going well? The Lord has really blessed it and confirmed that I am doing the right thing).

Be on the lookout! We will have a big "pink or blue" announcement in just a couple of weeks!!

Until next time...