Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Evan's One Year Photos

Finally! We are back in business! Now, I should be able to catch everyone up with what all has been going on with us! These are some of the pictures from Evan's one year photo shoot. We actually did one-where he would not smile like he usually does, so our wonderful photographer met us earlier this month and took some additional shots. He did great that day. Of course, it was 30 degrees and I had him dressed in linen...oh, well! He didn't get sick and the pictures turned out great.
Evan is bringing more and more joy to our lives each and every day. I am not working right now, so I am enjoying being home with him. It has been so much fun watching his milestones develop. His little personality has really bloomed! He is such a ham. He loves to give hugs and kisses, which makes me a very happy mommy! His smile makes me melt and he knows it. Not only does he know it, he uses it!! He has learned early! haha
he was getting a little sleepy on us...

my little climber doing what he does best...

More fun things to come...please check back soon!
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!