Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost A New Year!

WOW! Can you believe that 2011 is almost behind us? Where in the world did the time go? It seems the older I get, the quicker time goes by. As I sit and think about the year gone by, I have so much to be thankful for (in no particular order): (1)James and I have been blessed with the most amazing little man (even though we may want to ring his neck sometimes)! His desire to know more is inspiring and his love for others is overwhelming. He really does have a sweet heart. It melts my heart to hear him tell me that he loves me. (2)My health. Even though it seems as though we made LOTS of visits back and forth to doctors offices, it could have been a lot worse. My epilepsy has been controlled and for that I am so thankful. (3)Our families. Without them we would be lost. From last minute babysitters, to lending much needed advice, they are always there. Family is so important and I hope that is one thing that we are able to teach Evan that he will carry with him forever. (4)Our amazing friends. They are the ones that we cry out to when we need someone to pray. I am so thankful for my "oldies but goodies" and my new found friends all the same! I firmly believe that God brings people in and out of your life to fulfill pieces that you never knew you needed. Sometimes, we get lucky and those people stick around for a while. We love you guys! (5)Our jobs. The economy is still having a tough time and there are still so many without jobs. I am so thankful that James and I are both able to work. (6)Touch of Talley Photography. This hobby turned part-time job has been such a release for me! It has allowed me to explore my creativity, make new friends and help others make memories that will last forever! Thank you to my clients for helping me make this dream a reality. (7)Our wonderful church and church family. This year, they have ministered to our family in more ways than we can count. The endless prayers, the meals, the hugs, and the visits have warmed our hearts. I don't see how people make it through difficult times without a church family to lean on. The people of First Baptist Wetumpka are the greatest! (8)Our salvation. Without Jesus we would be lost. He is the rock that we cling to and the light that we look for at the end of the tunnel. He is our saving grace. Jesus has brought us to where we are and I know that He is guiding our path. My prayer is that we will continue to seek His will and follow with an open heart. (9)And last but not least, each other. Well, I am thankful for James and I hope he is thankful for me! He is my best friend. At the end of the day, he is there for me. I love to see his face as I close my eyes to sleep and feel his kiss in the morning light. How lonely would this world be had God not created us for one another? It was His intent, His plan and for that I am so THANKFUL!

Over this past weekend, we celebrated the birth of our Savior, grieved with friends over the loss of their loved one, pondered over what is to come and hopefully (at some point) remembered to thank Jesus for all He has done. My God is great and I feel so blessed to be able to praise His name.

I pray that your 2012 will be even better than your 2011. I pray that you find peace with Jesus and yourself. I pray that all the "lessons needing to be learned" come quickly-maybe I should say, I pray that you learn those lessons quickly. God has so much to teach us; things to make this life better than we ever dreamed. Share your hopes and dreams with Him and watch Him make them a reality. Love on the ones you hold dear. Tell people that you love them. Give hugs and kisses while you can and never stop believing that God is great. Just remember oh how He loves us!

Until next time...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Update

Greetings All! I did not realize it had been so long since my last post. Things medically are going really well. I had a few episodes of some headaches and return symptoms several weeks ago, however we discovered that I was being over-medicated. How about that?! It is strange that you have a condition that has these symptoms and the medication they put you on also have those as side effects. How in the world are you supposed to know the difference when they are exactly the same?! Fortunately, my great Dr. V did. After one phone call, he felt confident that "too much medicine" was my problem. He decreased it by half and placed me on a small dose of a migraine medication at night. It was crazy at how quickly those symptoms/side effects went away! Praise the Lord!

This quick fix was an answered prayer of mine. I was fearful that I was going to have to undergo another spinal tap and have to be off work for an extended period of time. Dr. Troglen has been so good to work with me and support me when I needed to be off. Here is yet another answered prayer.

Those of you reading and following my blog may think that each and every time all I do is say "this is an answered prayer..." but that is truly what this whole experience has answered prayer after another. Our God is so faithful and true. He never leaves us and oh how he loves us!

Most of you know I was told that losing weight was going to be a huge factor of treatment for me. The Dr. wanted me to lose 10-15 pounds and to date, I have lost 15. This is huge for me seeing how I have no, I mean NO self control when it comes to my favorite foods!!! :) My taste buds have changed due to the medication, so that has helped a great deal, but I also know I have had a lot of people praying that I would be able to do all that was necessary to lose the weight and control the side effects of the pseudotumor.

I am so thankful for my family and friends that have rallied around me to support and love me through the diagnosis and beginning stages of treatment. There was so much that we just did not know for a while. Now, I am glad that I can say with a smile on my face that I am finally feeling like Heather again!

Some have asked about James and me having another baby. With this medication, being pregnant is not an option. I go back to see Dr. V in January and I am very anxious to see what he has to say about me staying on the medication. He is not one that feels that medication is the answer and for that I am thankful.

Prayer Requests:
Please be in prayer that James and I will be open to hear all that Dr. V has for us in January and that I (mainly) will be ok with staying on meds if that is what he feels is best for me. Also, please pray that I will be able to continue with the weight loss. From what Dr. V has told me, the more weight I lose, the better my chances are at keeping the side effects away.

Thanks again for your continued prayers, love and encouragement.

Until next time...