Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!

We celebrated the 4th with friends for a grilled hamburger/ hotdog dinner and then fireworks over the Coosa River. I thought Evan would scream when the fireworks began, but he really seemed to enjoy them. We had a wonderful day together!
Here we are, the Talley Trio!
Before the fireworks, Evan was asleep on James. It was WAY past his bedtime!!
After the first BOOM....Evan woke up!!

Watching the fireworks light up the sky! WOW!!!

They were beautiful this year.

I was trying to get a sweet picture with my little man and he couldn't take his eyes off the sky!

Growing Older...Does it Get Easier???

To start our wonderful weekend together, James and Evan took me out to eat Friday night for my birthday. I chose Outback and it was SSSOOO good! Thanks James and Evan for making my night so special! You are two of the most special and important men in my life. I can't imagine growing older with anyone other than you guys! I love you so very much!!!

Say CHEEZE.....

Evan giving me sweet birthday kisses! He has the best sugar ever!!!

I know you all remember back in the day when taking pictures with your "special someone" in the car....well, James and I had not taken one since we were dating, so we decided Friday night was as good a time as any!! haha
(I don't look a day older than 21, RIGHT???!!!)
Evan helped me open my present. He and James bought me Wii Fit. I had been saying I wanted one. Now, I have to put it to use. I am sure it is gonna kick my hind end!!!

James was singing "Happy Birthday" to me in this ridiculously loud, off key voice and this is what Evan thought about it....
My beautiful cake that James made for me. It was a 3 layer key lime cake with cream cheese icing. Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!! Thanks again James for taking the time to bake me a wonderful cake. It was fabulous!

Henry Turns 2!

On June 27th, we celebrated Henry's 2nd birthday with food, fun and WATER!! We had a great time in the sun! Thanks Henry for inviting us to your birthday party. We hope you had as much fun as we did! We love you!!!
Evan and the birthday boy, Henry

I think he was trying to convince James he needed to go back to playing in the water...
Feeling it out...
He was not so sure he wanted to be in the water!

There's the smile we all love so much!!

Evan was unsure about the slip and slide, but his daddy and I enjoyed watching him on it!!!

Time for LUNCH!
Look at that hair....

Enjoying his first ever cake...it was chocolate and oh so good! His daddy slipped him a little ice cream while I was not looking. He loved it all so much, he had a bit of a fit when it was all gone.

Playing with Robo!

While shopping in Target several weeks ago, James found this Robot gadget that he said "Evan needed." We got it and Evan LOVES it. It will play music and dance so Evan has to dance a long with it. He likes to chase it around the living room. Pete is scared to death of this thing. It brings lots of laughter to the Talley home!!