Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back to Dr. V!

The swelling has returned! POO!

The thing with this pseudotumor is, we knew the symptoms would return with pregnancy, it was just a matter of when. Well you guessed it, Happy Birthday to me...the symptoms are back! About a week ago, the headaches began. At first I was questioning whether they were pregnancy related or if they could indeed be pseudotumor headaches. Well, about 4 days ago, the neck pain returned so I knew for sure that it was the latter. Over the past couple of days, I have noticed an increase in my spinal pressure, especially when I go from sitting to standing or most certainly if I bend over. With the long weekend approaching, we felt it was best if I go ahead and call Dr. V.

I spoke with him on the phone yesterday and he asked if I could be in his office this morning. James and I left home around 6:50 and headed to Birmingham.

After a quick look, Dr. V decided to fully dilate and have me undergo another field vision test. This test really gets under my skin. It frustrates me and drives me batty. Watching all of these lights, some dim, some bright, some big, some small, all over place and trying to focus all so that I can ding a little button....aarrgghhh! Anyway, back to the story. Once the test was completed he (Dr. V) conducted yet another exam of my eyes. He confirmed that the right optic nerve is swollen some and the left is flat with a cusp (Now I know you are asking what this cusp means, I have no idea. I guess I should have asked!). We then moved to talking about treatments and options.

There are 3 treatment options. Two which are available to me:
1. Deal with the pain until the pregnancy is over and hopefully with the weight loss from having the baby, the pain will subside. Option available. To date: 8 lb increase, but I did not think about until today that pregnancy brings about an increase in blood, in pressure and fluids. I have been so focused on trying not to gain too much in hopes to keep from having the symptoms that I did not even think about these factors.
2. A Spinal Tap to drain the fluid to release some of the pressure. Option not available at this time due to pregnancy and the baby having to be exposed to a X-Ray.
3. Begin taking the Diamox once again. Option available.

Now, if you will remember back in the early stages of my diagnosis and treatment plan, it was not recommended that I be on this medication during the first trimester of a pregnancy. The good news is, I am 22 weeks and 1 day into this pregnancy. I have such an uneasy feeling about this decision. James and I are going to take the weekend, pray about it and be ready to talk it over with Dr. Ashurst Tuesday. Dr. V assured me today that he would not advise me to take something that he felt in any way would harm the baby. He said that he feels like she will be just fine since it is so far into the pregnancy, but this Mama's heart is still uneasy. I would not have to take it daily, but it's still medication.

So, I have some prayer requests for my mighty prayer warriors out there! We knew this would happen, but more importantly, God knew (He even knew the exact date of the symptom return). My prayer requests are that James and I will be put at ease with this decision on what to do. That Dr. Ashurst will know what to say and do to best treat me and care for our Little Miss. That I will be able to withstand the pain from my neck, head and spine--as much as possible without medication. And that this precious cargo I am carrying will remain healthy and strong for the remaining 18 weeks. Thanks in advance for the prayers!

Until next time...