Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fun in the Sun!!

Beautiful pictures from the beach!

Picture 1: Heath atBubba's Seafood
Picture 2: The Fam!!
Picture 3: Beach view from our balcony
Picture 4: My honey and me at Bubbas
Picture 5: Pool view from our balcony
Picture 6: AMAZING sunset
Picture 7: Heath posing like a HAM!!
Picture 8: My love and me :)


MrnngGlori said...

Hey, I didn't know you guys had a blog. Nice to find out and see it. When is the Mr. going to contribute to it, too. I bet he thought up the name. That's probably his contribution. Have a nice day. Love, MMMM

Lacy Lee said...

Hey Heather! Your house is beautiful! (and so is your family) I'm glad that everything is going so wonderfully for you. Keep in touch!