Thursday, December 4, 2008

When you talk to Jesus...

Please say a prayer for Evan. The past 2 days, he has not really acted like himself at the sitter's house. Yesterday, she emailed me and said that he had screamed pretty much all day and would not sleep. He did not even want to give out any smiles, which broke my heart...that is what helps me make it through the day- knowing I will see his smiling face at 4. He has been wanting to get up between 3:30 and 4 in the morning and WILL NOT go back to sleep. This is causing James and me to be tired and a little cranky. If he does the screaming fit again today, we will be going to see Dr. Trumbull...I just hate to be one of those "first time Mommys who runs to the doctor" (the one who the nurses laugh at once you leave!!!)- but I don't want him to be sick either. Please pray that we will know what we need to do, that Evan will get some rest and that James and I can relax a little and not be so "on edge." Thanks, dear friends!
Oh yeah....ROLL TIDE!!! What a great game!! :)


Living4Him said...

Always trust your God-given instinct about Evan. YOU are his Mother and his Biggest advocate!

Prayers as always,


April Lowery said...
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April Lowery said...

I'm with Alison. You can't worry too much about what doctors or nurses 'think'. You know your baby & you're a great mom. Trust yourself does get easier!