Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Caught A Glimpse!

Yesterday, we had an appointment with Dr. Ashurst to see our little one!! We had an ultrasound done, but only James and the nurse know the sex of the baby. I have chosen to find out this weekend with our family. Surprisingly, it has not been as bad today as I thought. I am managing pretty well!

The baby looked great and the heartbeat was awesome. It would go from 143-150(ish), so I don't think we will be able to predict a gender by the heartbeat. Dr. Ashurst says that I am carrying the baby like it's a girl, so I guess only time, or James, will tell! :)

The baby's heart, brain, legs, arms and spine all looked great. With me taking seizure meds, the baby's spine could be affected, so this was a huge point of concern for me. The minute she said that the baby looked "perfect" I was able to rest a little easier.

Evan was very excited to see the pictures and seemed amazed at how much it has grown. He is still not really a fan of this "new baby" idea. I am hoping that by the time November rolls around, he will be much more on board. I am trying not to let it bother me that he is not thrilled, but as a Mommy, you want your babies to be ok emotionally and I think he just realizes that his world is gonna be rocked upside down!!

I will post next week and reveal the gender of our sweet little one! Until then, this picture will just have to do!!

Until next time...