Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Say It Ain't So!!

October? Has it REALLY been since October that I last posted? Oh. My. Goodness!! I guess this sweet baby girl has had us really busy!!

So much has happened. Let me catch everyone up!

Evan: Evan is a wonderful big brother! It took him some time to decide that she could stay, but he is really enjoying Emie now. He finished his first year of school with flying colors. He loved his teacher, Mrs. Ellis, and I know he will miss her next year. He has lost two teeth and is enjoying his summer so far. He has several things planned to keep him busy, right now he is in VBS and loving every single minute!

Emie: Emie is growing like a weed! I had forgotten how fast the first year flies by, but man oh man does it! Our little miss is already 7 months old. She has two teeth and absolutely adores her big brother. She is talking (well, baby jabbering) so much and absorbing all that is around her. She is a nosey one! She sleeps all night and is such a good eater. She sits up to play and has the most beautiful big blue eyes!

James and I: We are both doing well. James is staying busy with work and still loves what he does. I am directing VBS this week and working simultaneously--I know, crazy!! But I would not have it any other way! I am a (almost) 32 year old who LoVeS VBS!!! We just got back from New Orleans. This was our first time back since retrieving our car after hurricane Katrina in 2005. I saw some sights that these sheltered eyes have never seen before!! :) It was fun to just get away just the two of us and spend time walking the streets, holding hands and enjoying one another. We definitely don't spend enough time doing that. Who can with a 5 year old attached to one and a 7 month old attached to the other-lol (we wouldn't trade it for all of the tea in China!)?! I am anxiously awaiting our annual beach trip this year! July can not get here soon enough!!

I hope it is not another 7 months before my next post!! Hope everyone is doing well!