Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Summer So Far (Yes, I know we are only in week 3)...

Evan seems to be having a good summer so far. His first "school summer!" Bless his heart, since I work outside of the home, his summer get up time is not much different than his school get up time...6:20 am! UGH!

He enjoyed VBS last week and has had fun at Mimi and Papa's picking blueberries. He enjoys playing outside there and of course watching movies. I think he has had fun being with Emie during the day (even if I can never get him to say it). We both saw the dentist earlier in the week and he sent us to the Orthodontist to see what she recommends about his cross bite. Let me interject here that I know that his smile is quirky and I know that his jaw is crooked when he smiles, but to me it is the most precious smile EVER! I hate for it to change, but I know that it is not healthy for his gums and teeth. With that said, we ventured to her office yesterday where she broke the news that two top teeth and two bottom teeth must be removed. She is then gonna watch his bite till the spring to see if anything needs to be done or if he will need some type of apparatus to help with the cross bite. PLEASE join me in prayer next Thursday morning at 7:30 am as we go to the dentist to have these 4 teeth removed. I do not anticipate this being as easy as I would like for it to be. Poor fella! I do think he will be precious with a toothless grin! ;) He is participating in the Public Library's program here and the first week went well. He enjoyed learning about bees and is excited to go back next week. He has art camp next week and is looking forward to that (I am looking forward to July and going to the beach!!). Evan, Emie and I are enjoying the pool in our neighborhood. He learned to swim last summer and thank goodness he remembers this year! He swims like a fish!! He has learned this year to turn flips under the water.

Emie continues to do well and just grow and grow. She has no desire to crawl...WHAT.SO.EVER! She is happy being the Queen Bee and having us move her here and there! I still have not done her 6 month pics, what a behind mommy I am. It is a shame seeing I have a photography business and all! lol I hope to get those done this week. She loves the water at the pool. I think she thinks it is just a big bathtub!! She just splashes and splashes!

James is well. He continues to work...a lot. I guess in his field, there are always those out there to keep you busy. Job security I suppose. Father's Day is this weekend and I hope he enjoys what the kiddos and I got him. I sometimes feel like I bomb in this area, but hopefully this year will be a score! I will let you know how it goes!

I have my routine check-up with Dr. Vaphiades next Friday. This will be the 2nd one since having Emie. I am anxious to meet with him and see what he thinks about where I am. During my annual visit with my regular eye physician last month, she detected swelling in the optic nerve again. She let me view photos of a normal one and mine and the difference made me cry. She assured me that she has seen mine look worse so that was some comfort. Such is life I suppose!

I have started a new blog. This one will be topics the Lord lays on my heart and words straight from Him. It is a dream of mine to write a devotional book, so this is a way to get my feet wet I suppose! I hope you will take a moment to stop by and read, possibly become a follower. I hope to update multiple times throughout the week (no promises there-hehe). The website is

Until next time...