Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Pictures of Evan...

Evan and his biggest fan...His Big Daddy!

Telling Nana all about it...

My hubby in his true form!
Time to baby proof the house!

I think I see something I like....

Sunday before last, I left Evan playing in the floor for just one minute while I went to pack his bag for church. I heard a "clad, thump, then giggle" and went I went to check on him, this is what I found...silly boys!What? Am I not supposed to be under here?!Evan and James checking out the fish at the Catfish House in Millbrook.
My sweet little man!
Wild Bathtime Hair!!

His future is so bright, he's got to wear his shades!!

One afternoon, I decided to take him out and make some pictures in the front yard. I thought they turned out pretty cute.

He looks like he was in serious thought about something, doesn't he?

What a sweet sleeping baby!